Asset Management

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Asset Management

  • Valuation methodology
    • As above
  • Investment strategy
    • As above
  • Product development
    • I have spent a great deal of time over this last year, working on the launching of a new fund, which was not brought to fulfilment because we deemed that the opportunity that had presented itself had narrowed too much;
    • I could help asset management firms (especially smaller ones or hedge funds) to develop new products or funds for their client base.
  • Wealth management and stockbroking
    • I have a great deal of experience of how stockbrokers and private wealth management firms operate, especially gleaned during my tenure at BJM;
    • I could help smaller asset managers/hedge funds that want to branch out into these areas.
  • Analysis
    • I have 14 years experience in company analysis and have a unique skills set in this regard;
    • I could help asset managers with ad hoc company analysis, especially when it comes to companies that are under-analysed in the market.
  • Due diligence
    • In addition to my 14 years of analysis experience, I have been involved with due diligence processes on a number of occasions during my work experience, including insurance companies, asset managers and asset consulting firms;
    • I could help asset managers that are looking at acquisitions in the due diligence process.


Current Exchange Rates

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