Bespoke Company Research:

MLAX Consulting does fundamental company analysis, with a focus on South African financial services companies and other under-analysed companies. This includes independent analysis for due diligence purposes.

AIDS Research:

MLAX Consulting does research on the AIDS epidemic in South Africa, with a specific focus on the impact on the South African Life Assurance Industry. As part of this work, MLAX Consulting helps companies with product development in the entry-level space. It is also involved in educating the wider community on the impact of the changing HIV/AIDS environment.

Investment Business Consulting:

MLAX Consulting assists stock brokers, asset managers and other companies in improving valuation methodology and investment processes. This includes the setting up of company models and the training of analysts in their use. It also includes the harmonisation of top-down and bottom-up investment processes.

Investor Relations:

MLAX Consulting assists listed companies in improving communication with their shareholders and the wider investment community.

Motivational Speaking:

Marius Strydom, CEO of MLAX Consulting does motivational speaking for companies and their staff. The focus is on building bridges and countering the polarisation in SA public discourse. More info.


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